About Us

Welcome to the world of Truth or Dare Intimates, founded on the principles of being you and loving yourself. Truth or Dare Intimates was found in the early 2020 by Trudy & Jimmy Baker. Truth or Dare Intimates is inspired by the love of femininity and an enchanted fairytales aesthetic. Each piece is designed to be a timeless Daring truth of Love. We began dreaming up details with whimsical fabrics, romantic florals and intricate lace which is the statement touch of our brand. 

We wanted to create something that empowered and honor women to feel confident and completely effortless sexy in all of our pieces. We encourage all women of all different shapes, sizes and akin tones to find their inner Daring self. Truth or Dare Intimates embodies the essence of love and enchantment. Our aim to support and daring women to “Think Sexy Be Sexy” in everything they are. We are working on expanding our size rage very soon.

          Every women can feel her best in our lingerie. 


   Truth or Dare Intiimates x